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Pilotaj İngilizcesi

A four week course for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
Course outline and methodology

International Civil Aviation Authority has decided that…
  • All airline and general aviation pilots as well as helicopter pilots who fly internationally and
  • All ATCs who provide service to international flights
……..must have a minimum level of English, this level of English is described by ICAO rating scale. Level 4 is deemed to be the minimum accepted level (Operational Level)
ICAO has developed the following “Holistic Descriptors”
Operational Level 4 Speakers shall
  • Communicate effectively in voice-only (telephone/radiotelephony) and in face to face meetings
  • Communicate on common, concrete and work related topics with accuracy and clarity
  • Use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognise and resolve misunderstandings  (eg. To check, confirm or clarify information) in a general or work related context.
  • Handle successfully and with relative ease the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or un expected turn of events that occurs within a work related context of a routine work situation or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar, and
  • Use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community.

NB. Since 2016 all Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft Ramp inspections have included a flight crew language assessment component, flight crew can be grounded if the cannot demonstrate their English language is at Operational Level.
Our course aims to provide candidates with the strategies and insights to handle non-routine situations that may arise in everyday flight situations, as well as the ability to talk about work related topics with ease and confidence. Work related guidelines of the Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements(Doc9835 AN/453)

Our Course helps to prepare aviation personnel reach and maintain Operational Level or beyond according to the ICAO descriptors. It is suitable for any ICAO Proficiency exam.
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